Suzanne Dunaway - Author, Artist, Blogger

Suzanne has written two books:

No Need to Knead: Handmade Italian Bread in 90 Minutes (nominated for The James Beard Award), and Rome, at Home: The Spirit of la cucina romana in Your Own Kitchen.

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Pet Portraits

Suzanne Dunaway has used her artistic talents to render wonderful portraits of her own pets and the pets of her friends.

Now she is making her skills available to you. For information about receiving a portrait of your pet, please fill out a contact us form here.

To see larger image, put cursor over image and click on small magnifying glass.

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Living with Loulou

A French kitty’s comments on just about everything!

All those depressed people out there muttering about a dog’s life this and a dog’s life that are right about dogs. But my life as a kitty is just about the most perfect life any cat could have…….


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