No Need to Knead

No Need to KneadNo Need To Knead:
Handmade Italian Bread in 90 Minutes
by Suzanne Dunaway

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Hardcover – 192 pages (November 1999)
Hyperion: ISBN: 0786864273

Reader Reviews may be found at and Barnes & Suzanne has rave reviews of her book and techniques.
Dunaway begins NO NEED TO KNEAD by sharing her proven tips on bread-baking, distinguishing between myth and reality, and showing you how to make these extraordinary breads. Among her secrets to baking (and cooking!) success:

  • Maximize surface area in relation to volume
    (more crust means more flavor!)
  • Use a wetter dough than is conventionally accepted.
  • Knead as little as possible, using her stir and fold method instead.

These rules, which defy convention, guarantee the moist, chewy breads for which Suzanne is famous. With easy, step by step instructions,
NO NEED TO KNEAD teaches you how to make everything from fragrant Rosemary Focaccia to Basic Pizza Crust and its many variations, from Pane Casereccio (Housewive’s Bread) to a perfect Rustico for sandwiches, from Sourdough Flapjacks to Dark Chocolate Tozzetti. Recipes for what to do with all the delicious bread you make include original bread soups, savory and sweet bread souffle├ęs, and exotic croutini in addition to cookies, cakes and fruit-with-bread desserts. There is even a chapter for young bakers entitled “Bread for Children” which encourages them to create their own breads from simple beginner’s recipes.Suzanne’s recipes are easy to follow and make quickly. Most of them are fat, sugar and dairy-free, making them not only delicious but healthful, too. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Buona Forchetta’s breads, tozzetti and croutini are enjoyed by L.A.’s rich and famous, such as Whoopie Goldberg, Elton John, and Harrison Ford.Dunaway is also a gifted artist. Her vibrant watercolors and drawings may be seen on the cover as well as throughout the book.

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Knead as little as possible, using her stir and fold method instead.